Oilfield Trucking Solutions (OTS) provides water transportation and crude hauling services in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. With the industry’s newest high-tech truck fleet, OTS traveled more than 3.5 million miles last year, transporting more than 25,000 barrels of water and 38,000 barrels of crude each day to help producers meet their most demanding drilling, completion and production needs.

All OTS fluid mobilization assets are equipped with GPS technology, allowing us to increase our efficiency and provide reliable, credible and acceptable tracking of each unit to benefit our customers and continually improve our standards of performance.

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  • Freshwater and Potable Water Hauling

    We haul freshwater and potable water as required for hydraulic fracturing and drilling operations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma. OTS also delivers freshwater needed in roadway resurfacing projects.

  • Flowback and Produced Water Hauling

    We transport flowback fluid to accomplish recycling initiatives related to hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma. We also offer disposal service of hydraulic fracturing fluids into permitted underground injection wells when necessary.

  • Crude Oil Hauling

    Using new equipment specifically designed for the job, OTS can provide complete crude oil testing activities required for product quality evaluations in Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma as well as transporting crude to various market destinations. OTS has also incorporated an electronic oil gathering ticketing system.

  • Vacuum Hauling

    Our vacuum hauling operations use nontraditional equipment that allows us to completely eliminate the discharge of oil found on more common equipment while decreasing our loading and unloading time by more than 50%.

  • Acid Hauling

    We transport acid to pad sites for use in hydraulic fracturing and completions in Texas.